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Why Plant a Tree on Your Property?

General Jeannie Mongrain 10 Mar

Snow may still be on the ground, but spring will soon be in the air. We are already in March, with April and May just around the corner!

When you purchase a new property or decide to get back into gardening, one of the first things you should consider doing is to plant a tree.

No matter the size of the farm or yard, a tree always has its place.

Trees provide numerous invaluable services to society, including:

  • Regulating our environment’s air, water and soil
  • Provisioning resources such as fruits, nuts and wood
  • Providing aesthetic and cultural benefits through colors, scents and sound

Trees can provide a shady spot on a sunny day or privacy from a busy highway. Before you know it you’ll see the advantages too.


But first? You need to know the right way to plant a tree. The following infographic outlines some basic tree-planting skills.

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